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How I Scored 263 on USMLE Step 2 CK

This post is intended to help those who are preparing for Step 2 CK. I would like to share some information on my USMLE Step 2 CK preparation process which resulted in a score of 263. If you would like to see my overall profile you can visit My Residency Stats

I had only 3.5 months to study as I want to apply for the match within the same year. So I didn’t go through Kaplan notes or videos. First of all, I gave a thorough reading to MTB2 and 3. Then I made notes from UWorld when I did it for the first time. I never cared about the percentage in UWorld as I used it as a study tool not assessment tool. At the end I revised those notes 2 times in the last week of my preparation. In my experience MTB and UWorld were more than sufficient to get a good score. At no point in the exam I felt that I should have referred to some other source.

Preparation Time: 3.5 months

Study Material Used:

  • Master the Boards 2nd Edition (Complete)
  • Master the Boards 3rd Edition (All except Internal Medicine)
  • UWorld twice (First time average 78%)
  • Conrad Fischer comprehensive cases: I listened to them only passively when I was bored reading text and while working in the kitchen. So its not a must if you have mastered the MTBs
  • NBME clinical mastery series assessment exams (These are really helpful and one should try to do at least 15 days before exam so that you can get time to go through these questions once again as they closely resemble the questions on real exam)

Assessment Scores:

  • NBME 4 (offline) – 246 (15 days before exam)
  • NBME 7 (online) – 260 ( 5 days before exam)
  • UWSA – 259 (3 days before exam)
  • FRED 150 – around 93% (1 day before exam)

Real deal : Lows 260s


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Welcome to the MyResidencyList Blog!

Hello readers!

This is our first blog post and we would like to thank you for visiting. I contribute to this blog to help fellow applicants in the residency match process having gone through it myself. It is a long and difficult journey and having gone through this process I know how important it is to get all the help you can get.

My profile at the time of my residency application

  • A non-Caribbean IMG (International Medical Graduate)
  • My years since graduation were 5+
  • Scored 259 on my Step 1
  • Scored 263 on my Step 2CK
  • Passed Step 2CS on first attempt
  • Score 229 on my Step 3
  • 1 month of US Clinical Experience
  • Received 20+ interviews
  • Matched at my dream program, a university-based program

As you can see aside from my scores I had several red flags such as too many years since graduation, minimal US clinical experience, and the biggest curse of all being a non-Caribbean IMG yet I still matched at my dream program. This blog will share my personal experiences, tips and tricks which will help you match at your dream program just like I did. This was merely just a brief introduction of myself so stay tuned for more blog posts…



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