How Much do Residents Make?

In this post we share information on how much do residents make and in addition to salary the typical benefits. Below is some information on the salary and benefits offered by the programs I ranked.

Note these figures may vary from year to year

  • Salary: Ranged between $49k to $60k, with the average being about $52-$53k
  • Health Benefits: All programs offer Medical, Dental, and Vision, for you and your family. Basic plans are often free, the ones with better coverage will cost you. Going through the various plans here would be impossible!
  • Meal allowance: Most programs offer this and it averages $10/day going as high as $25/day (although not typical)
  • Relocation allowance: Only a couple of programs offered this (probably due to most my interviews being from community programs) and it ranged between $1000-$2000, most did not provide this
  • Educational allowance: Most programs offer this and it ranges between $500-$1000/year which is intended to cover education material cost of attending conferences, etc
  • Raise: Residents are offered a year to year raise and it ranges between 2.5%-3%
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