IMG Friendly States for Internal Medicine

In this post we will be sharing some insightful data on IMG friendly States for Internal Medicine. The list of IMG friendly states for Internal Medicine by IMG type (Caribbean IMG vs Non-Caribbean IMG) can be found below. This data was provided by will generate a list of programs matching your unique profile including your scores, whether you are an American Medical Graduate, Caribbean IMG, Non-Caribbean IMG, clinical experience, years since graduation, etc. Their database is based on information collected from various sources including phone calls to the programs, program websites, prior match results and more.


This chart goes into more detail showing the most Non-Caribbean IMG friendly states. Again, for my purposes I defined IMG friendly as any program which IMGs made up 10% or more of their total residents in the past 3 years. The numbers denote the percentage of programs in the particular state which were Non-Caribbean IMG friendly.

  1. Michigan (88%)
  2. New Jersey (86%)
  3. Florida (85%)
  4. Maryland (80%)
  5. Connecticut (73%)
  6. New York (73%)



  1. Georgia (75%)
  2. New Jersey (74%)
  3. New York (72%)
  4. Michigan (64%)
  5. Florida (62%)
  6. Ohio (62%)


This is a chart depicting the percentage of IMG friendly programs based on IMG type. For my own purpose I defined “friendly” as any program where IMGs made up 10% or more of the total residents in the past 3 years. The percentage of Non-Caribbean IMG Friendly programs vs Caribbean IMG Friendly programs is nearly identical – which is much more assuring than the data trends for family medicine.

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