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Hello readers!

This is our first blog post and we would like to thank you for visiting. I contribute to this blog to help fellow applicants in the residency match process having gone through it myself. It is a long and difficult journey and having gone through this process I know how important it is to get all the help you can get.

My profile at the time of my residency application

  • A non-Caribbean IMG (International Medical Graduate)
  • My years since graduation were 5+
  • Scored 259 on my Step 1
  • Scored 263 on my Step 2CK
  • Passed Step 2CS on first attempt
  • Score 229 on my Step 3
  • 1 month of US Clinical Experience
  • Received 20+ interviews
  • Matched at my dream program, a university-based program

As you can see aside from my scores I had several red flags such as too many years since graduation, minimal US clinical experience, and the biggest curse of all being a non-Caribbean IMG yet I still matched at my dream program. This blog will share my personal experiences, tips and tricks which will help you match at your dream program just like I did. This was merely just a brief introduction of myself so stay tuned for more blog posts…



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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the MyResidencyList Blog!

  1. Faruk Ahmed

    Thanks dear. It is very help for me. I need it need it fir my daughter who is currently 5th yesr medical student and she is planning for USMLE. Step 1

    1. admin Post author

      Glad I could help! Keep visiting the blog as we will be adding more new posts

  2. Aparna

    I can’t Thankyou enough. I was so stressed today because of almost all the factors that you enlisted. I am feeling very much relieved after reading your blog. Thankyou very much for your kind support. God bless you.

    1. admin Post author

      Sure no problem! Keep visiting the blog as we will be adding more new posts


    Thank you or ypur post . It is very helpful for An Old IMG like me. Did you have connection (tie) for the program that u mtached in? or any tie in the 20 programs that u recieved an interview in it?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Hadeel, I had 0 connections, with good scores and justification for the time spent since graduation you should be fine

  4. so

    hi , i am an old graduate non Caribbean img , today i got my step 1 score 218 , i so disappointed , is there any chance to match , i am green card holder thanks

    1. admin Post author

      There are definitely chances of matching, your main focus should be to aim high on Step 2. Best of luck!


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