How I Scored 229 on USMLE Step 3

In this post I will share my USMLE Step 3 preparation process. I wanted to pass Step 3 before starting my residency therefore I was not able to devote as much time for preparation. Since it had been more than 1 year since I took Step 2CK I decided to start with Master the Boards Step 3 to brush up on my knowledge. But I didn’t spend much time reading the book and after 10 days I started doing UWorld questions.

Once I had gone through 50% of the UWorld questions I started doing CCS cases from UWorld since it takes some time and practice to become familiar with the software for the CCS cases. Simultaneously I watched a few of the Archer videos. I particularly liked the introductory video in which he tells about the various tips to order tests quickly and also when to change the location of the patient.

I did all 51 CCS cases from UWorld twice and read the other 41 cases once. After finishing UWorld (both questions and CCS cases) I took UWSA and scored 239.

Then I took my exam and I took a gap of 3 days between day 1 and day 2 because I wanted to go through the CCS cases at least once again since they constituted 50% of the Day 2 exam and also had a great bearing on the final score.

Preparation Time: 1.5 months

Study Material:
Master the Boards Step 3

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