Am I at a Disadvantage for requiring Visa Sponsorship?

Applicants requiring visa sponsorship may have considered whether they are at a disadvantage for not being a US Citizen or Green Card holder. And likewise those with US Citizenship or Green Cards may wonder if they have an advantage over those without one.


At the time of application I was a green card holder and too wondered whether I would be given preference over those requiring visa sponsorship. As you may have noticed I like to provide data and charts in my blog posts to justify my opinions, however I do not have any hard evidence for this topic.

But I can share my opinion based on analyzing the profiles of hundreds of applicants (with varying immigration status, scores, USCE, etc) during my match year it seems like there is no apparent advantage amongst IMGs.

The number of interviews an applicant was offered seemed to be more or less the same for any two similar applicants regardless of status. So in conclusion I would say there definitely is no harm in being a US Citizen or Green Card holder but no significant advantage either as it pertains to yielding interviews.

Whether immigration status affects your ranking order as an applicant is another topic altogether and would nearly be impossible to know, atleast in a general sense.

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