What To Do After Applying to Residency Programs?

Let me tell you, you will be on what seems like the longest emotional roller coaster of your life after you Apply. Constantly checking the forums for news from others and manically refreshing your inbox. I remember constantly checking my email between the hours of 6 am – 3pm PST hoping to hear from programs. I impatiently wished the day would end after 3pm so that I can magically wake up the next morning to some good news!

The best thing to do is nothing, you should take a vacation or spend some time with friends and family, after all you should be proud of yourself for making it this far. I remember being anxious when someone on the forums would report receiving an interview invite, especially when it was from a program I also applied to. Not all programs send out invites once or at the same time. Just because you know of someone who received an invite from a particular program and you did not, doesn’t necessarily mean you will not in the future.

Constantly phoning or emailing a program is not going to help. Program coordinators are flooded with message and emails and its not feasible to reach out to each of the thousands of applicants reaching out to them. From my experience of sending out several hundred emails requesting a status update on my application resulted in either a generic response or in most cases none at all. Just because you are not receiving invites as early as October or November does not necessarily mean your chances of getting interview invites in the future are bleak. I received some invites as late as January to some very reputable programs (I assume as a result of cancellations)

Just sit back and try to relax, watch a movie, goto the beach, take a vacation, prepare for your Step 3 if you want! But most importantly be ready to interview as the opportunity can come anytime and you want to make sure you are well-prepared for it


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